Review of “Falsettos” A Lincoln Center Theater Production at the Walter Kerr Theater

November 3, 2016  
By Leonard Golubchck, LaborPress Entertainment Editor

New York, NY – “Falsettos” is an award winning musical comedy which first appeared on Broadway in 1992.The book was co-written by James Lapine and William Finn who also wrote the words and music.

David Rockwell’s sets provide the show with the appropriate mood. James Lapine’s direction enables this three hour production to flow as effortlessly as possible with total energy.

We are introduced during the first act to the main characters: Marvin played by Christian Borle, his wife Tina played by Stephanie Block, their youngest son Jason played by Anthony Rosenthal, Marvin’s gay lover whizzer portrayed by Andrew Ranellis.

To add to the interplay of characters Marvin leaves his wife with son in tow to live with his lover Whiizzer. In the ensuing action Whizzer leaves Marvin and Marvin’s ex-wife marries Marvin’s psychiatrist Mendel (played by Brandon Uranowitz..

The words and music flows so that transitions from one point to another are seamless. This permits the show to move at a quick pace and enables the emotional vitality to be transferred to the audience with the various transformations throughout the play.

In the second act the drama continues as Marvin’s neighbors who happen to be Lesbians played by Betsy Wolfe and Tracie Thoms who adds to the continuation of the story.

The play was ground breaking since it also deals with the heartbreak of Aids in a very sensitive manner.

Throughout the show comedic relieve is given through a wonderful funny performance by Stephanie Block. Christian Borle demonstrates a great deal of pathos and empathy during his emotional journey.

This is a wonderful show with widespread appeal.  .

November 2, 2016

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