Review of “Disaster”, at the Nederlander Theater,

March 19, 2016
By Dr. Leonard Golubchck, LaborPress Entertainment Editor 

New York, NY – Disaster is a musical comedy that spoofs the disaster movies of the 1970’s. When we add 30 pop hits from that eera ( I am woman, daybreak, Alone again, Naturally, Hot Stuff, Don’t Bring me Down, and sighned Sealed and Deliver, and knock three times). we have a musical comedy that keeps you entertained.

The show parodies the disaster movies of the 70’s like The Poseidon Adventure,
Earthquake,The Towering Inferno, Jaws and Airplane. The cast is composed of Broadway all stars : Roger Bart, Kerry Washington, Faith Prince, Kevin Chamberlin, Adam Pascal, Rachel York, Seth Rudetsky, Mary Testa and Jennifer Simard.The show is Directed by Jack Plotkin and written by Mr. Plotkin and Seth Rudetsky. The show begins with a nun played by Jennifer Simard who becomes enamored with an Hawaii five o slot machine and hugs it as she sings “never Can Say Goodbye”. This is a campy and hilarious number.

“Disaster” starts off on a casino ship (The Barracuda) moored in New York.  Given the setting this cheesy show sets sail on a cruise which involved in an earthquake and capsizes, The characters have to survive the earthquake, tsunami, sharks and piranha. OF note is Faith Prince and Kevin Chamberlin who play husband and wife and who belt out “you’re still the one” and them leads the cast in a rousing tap dancing number.

Overall this parody has a convoluted story line which makes it difficult to connect the dots. IF you are interested in mindless .mayhem and wishing to lose yourself for two hours  and have a great time, this is the show for you.

March 18, 2016

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