Review of “ All the Ways To Say I Love You” an MCC Theater Production at the Lucille Lortel Theater

October 31, 2016  
By Leonard Golubchck, LaborPress Entertainment Editor

New York, NY – “All the Ways To Say I Love You” is a new play by Neil LaBute and directed by Leigh Silverman is a one hour presentation. Starring in this one woman show is Judith Light who gives a Tour de Force performance.

The subject matter for the play is pertinent to today’s headlines.  The story line is about a married school teacher who has an affair with one of her high school students. This secret haunts the school teacher as Ms. Light provides the audience with a searing performance.  Mr. LaBute an award winning playwright provides the words which contains the torture that Ms. Light exquisitely displays as she maintains a life-changing secret. Ms. Johnson the school teacher could not have a child with her husband and is impregnated by her student.

Ms. Johnson’s tortured and suffering soul is the subject of the monologue.   The ever suffering school teacher at the beginning of the play enunciates “what is the weight of a lie”.  Ms. Light spins t-he ironic tale of a white school teacher married to a black man and has an affair with a mixed race student.  Is this planned to disguise the affair from the husband?

Thus the ultimate question is,    “What is the weight of a lie”.

October 30, 2016

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