Respect NYC—Keep it Walmart Free

Matt Ryan, Executive Director of New York Jobs with Justice / Urban Agenda
January 28, 2011

If you’ve read the news or opened your mail recently, you’ve probably seen Wal-Mart promising to bring hundreds of new jobs to New York and to boost the local economy. Unfortunately, their rhetoric doesn’t match reality: in communities like ours across the country, Wal-Mart stores are devastating small businesses and destroying more local jobs than they create. Wal-Mart kills three existing jobs for every two poverty-wage jobs it creates.

In order to spread the word about the true impact of Walmart on communities, we’ve joined Walmart Free NYC, a growing coalition of concerned workers and residents, small business owners, community leaders, clergy and elected officials who are committed to increasing economic opportunities, preserving local businesses, and bringing more jobs to communities across New York.

Walmart Free NYC is circulating a petition to let City Council know that a company that kills three jobs for every two it “creates” is not a company we want setting up shop in our city.  Please sign the petition and ask at least two friends or colleagues to do the same. Better yet, if your organization has a membership list, please show your solidarity and help us reach our goal by circulating this petition. Contact NY Jobs with Justice / Urban Agenda with questions or to learn how.

Walmart represents a future of working poverty and increased income inequality that we don’t have to stand for in New York City. Not only would Walmart crush locally-owned small businesses, they would depress the wages of all retail workers and actually lead to a net loss of jobs. Instead of investing in Walmart and other low-road employers, our city should invest in small and responsible big businesses that actually create good jobs, increase opportunity for local residents, and contribute to a robust economy.


Next Thursday, February 3, the Walmart Free NYC coalition is organizing a rally at 11 am at City Hall to make sure everyone knows how strongly our city opposes Walmart’s plans to hi-jack our local economy. We hope you’ll join us in person or buy signing the petition, so we can send Walmart and City Council the message that our communities simply can’t afford to pay such a high price for Walmart.

January 29, 2011

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