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Report On The 2016 Annual WNYALF Annual Awards Dinner

May 7, 2016 Editor-Publisher Tom Campbell

Lackawanna, NY – With more than 400 area Labor Leaders and Delegates in attendance at the Western New York AFL-CIO Area Labor Federation’s (WNYALF) 2016 Annual Awards Dinner, keynote speaker – New York State United Teachers (NYSUT) President Karen Magee said “enough is enough” when it comes to those who are attacking Organized Labor and who are looking to take away hard-earned and long-fought-for Workers’ Rights – encouraging all to “fight against corporate greed” and “stand up for job security and respect.” 

Area Labor honored several of their own at the event, including Communications Workers of America (CWA) District 1 Area Director Debora Hayes with the WNYALF’s Labor Activist of the Year Award.  WNYALF President Richard Lipsitz also revisited and praiseda host of recent Labor victories, as well as seriously outlining what the area’s Labor Movement must do in the remainder of 2016 – including the upcoming and extremely critical presidential election.

“We’re not ‘giving up’ on our gains,” Magee, whose NYSUT Union represents 300,000 Teaching Professionals across New York, told area Unionists.  “We’re ‘under attack’ from ‘corporate greed’ – and ‘enough is enough!’  I’m ‘confident we will win’ – Labor is on the ‘right’ side.’  We ‘need to take care of each other,’ because ‘united we stand.’”  Magee also took time to address the state of public education in New York, the need tocontinue to mobilize Union Members and the “importance’ of the upcoming presidential election, saying: “There are people who would like to ‘change’ public education, but ‘don’t know a damn about’ public education.  Our schools ‘cannot be bought’ and ‘our children are not for sale.’  We are in a ‘battle against bullies,’ but our coalition-building is ‘highly visible.’  ‘No one will stop us!’  We ‘must educate, mobilize and organize.’  Last year (NYSUT) went door-to-door to educate the community on the ‘value’ of public education and ‘those who would put profits over people.’  We ‘mobilized to protect the rights of Working People.’  It reminds us that ‘Unions are the power’ and ‘we’ get people ‘together.’  Here’s the ‘reality at the end of the day,’ we’re going to support those candidates ‘who care about Labor’s values.’  The next president will appoint Supreme Court Justices and that will have the ‘greatest impact’ on Labor.  The ‘stakes are too high’ and we ‘can’t afford to lose.’  We have to elect leaders ‘who have our backs.’”  To read more click on the following link

May 6, 2016

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