‘Reflections From Harmony Hall’ An Inspirational Collection

October 9, 2013
By Stephanie West

New York, NY – Jamaican-born educator Vilma Morales Daley will launch her debut poetry collection Reflections from Harmony Hall at Immaculate Conception Roman Catholic Church in  Queens on November 30, 2013. This poetry collection is described as “a heartfelt homage to classical literature and a testament to her enduring love for God and family,” by Denolyn Carroll, Deputy Managing Editor of Essence Magazine.

A powerful reflection on a broad spectrum of personal topics that will relate to many people, it celebrates daily life, love and respect form the basis of a natural goodness of the heart. Her lyrical verses transform personal themes into the universal and reveal unique insights that will encourage readers and listeners alike to access their daily interactions from different perspectives.

The collection is divided into several chapters based on a relevant topic or poetic form. The first is “Love Songs,” and although subsequent chapters vary, all evolve from the first – for love is the very basis for the harmony of title’s place, a place evoking virtue, the commonplace, and the sense of life being all in a day’s work. “Harmony Hall,” the estate on the title, aside from being based on an actual estate, is the place of creative inspiration for the author.

“In Reflections from Harmony Hall, the reader will be connected to their roots, their religion, the beauty of nature in glorious and energizing experiences of love. These are poems from the heart,” said Dr. Elaine H. Olaoye, Professor of Psychology.

An educator, poet, and entrepreneur, Ms. Dailey is a graduate of The City University of New York and Columbia University. Currently, she is an adjunct lecturer at two colleges within The City University of New York. Her focus is Teacher Education. The author founded and directed an Educational program (Queens Community Early Childhood Center), 1979-2002, a progressive school for children from Nursery to Fifth Grade, in Queens New York. After closing the program, she started teaching at CUNY. She has been married for 36 years and has one son, Gregory, who is vice-president of the family business.

Reflections from Harmony Hall is available for purchase at or, or make reservations for this book launch, please contact Victoria Mitchell at 917-670-9766. For more information about Reflections from Harmony Hall, please visit You may also visit your local bookstore or call 888 795 4274 ext. 7879

October 9, 2013

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