Public Education Critical for Americas Future

March 7, 2016
By Diane Ravitch – President, Network for Public Education

Malcolm X

New York, NY – Only the light can vanquish darkness. In this last election cycle wealthy individuals poured unprecedented amounts of dark money into state and local school board races, in towns small and large, to elect candidates intent on undermining and privatizing our public schools. Network for Public Education Action brings together those of us who are determined to counter the big money that is working to privatize and destroy public education.

We do not have their deep pockets, but we have something better – we have you. And together, we have created a national movement of teachers, parents, and citizens who are working to strengthen public education and push back against the privatizers.

Our public schools have paid a heavy price for the test and punish privatization agendas of the last two presidents. ESSA takes much of that power away from Washington, and puts it back in the hands of each state. So while we will work to ensure the next president makes public education a priority and turns his or her back on privatization, we must also work at the state and local level to support candidates who understand sound education policy.

March 6, 2016

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