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Protesters Shut Down Magnificent Mile Over Police Shooting

December 2, 2015
By JoAnne Powers Workers Independent News

Charged with first degree murder after a year-long shooting investigation Chicago Police Officer Jason van Dyke was released from custody Monday on a 1.5 million dollar bond. The judge set the bail after watching video of the white officer firing sixteen rounds into black teenager Laquan McDonald in 2014.

On Friday hundreds of protestors blocked the city’s “Magnificent Mile” upscale shopping district to draw more attention to police brutality following the video’s release. Community activists and religious and labor leaders joined Jesse Jackson and a pair of Illinois Congressmen in a “march for justice”. The protest led to the closure of Michigan Avenue as demonstrators stopped traffic and blocked entrances to high-end stores.

Some stores even locked their doors for much of the biggest shopping day of the year. The Service Employees International Union and The Chicago Teachers Union endorsed the protests, with CTU President Karen Lewis saying “It is time to turn our pain into power” and encouraging her members to join the actions to “express their outrage and dignity.To hear the audio click the following link

December 2, 2015

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