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Private Sanitation Companies Must be Carefully Monitored

October 23, 2015
By Neal Tepel, LaborPress Publisher

New York, NY – It’s a tough world out there for small businesses in the big apple. As costs surge and competition increases, store owners struggle to hold on to their dreams while keeping their heads above water. The rates for waste removal continues to increase under a system placing private sanitation companies in the drivers seat.

Businesses are required to select a private waste hauler and have  no control over the prices they’re charged or the services they’re offered. Complaints are increasing from small businesses across the city. Many private sanitation companies are providing  poor service, and inadequate recycling.

Missed and inconsistent pickups are rampant, leaving business owners to drag trash bags back inside or face City fines. Service during specific times and on-demand collection are often refused. Small businesses that want to recycle their waste face many obstacles and are not provided discounts as large corporations do. Owners are often left in the dark about whether their waste is actually recycled or ends up in landfills, leading to a dirtier environment.

City government and the New York City Council must now focus on this issue so small business owners are not victimized. Sanitation companies must be held accountable in a more transparent system  that puts New Yorkers and the environment first.

October 23, 2015

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