“Piscopo In the Morning” Slants Right, But Still Supports Unions

March 22, 2017
By Silver Krieger

Joe Piscopo

New York, NY – Joe Piscopo, former Saturday Night Live star, actor, and musical entertainer, gets up before the crack of dawn each weekday to host his radio show, “Piscopo In The Morning,” on AM 970 The Answer (WNYM), from 6 a.m. to 10 a.m

. The New Jersey native has been reaching listeners across New York City and beyond (through podcasts) with his eclectic mix of politics, current event coverage and lifestyle subjects, since January of 2014. And despite the fact that his show “tilts Conservative,” the host says that nevertheless, “we reach across the board.”

“We’ve had everyone on from Trump to Sanders to Cory Booker,” says Piscopo. “We also have Fox [News] personalities, and experts in many fields to comment when political issues come up.” And Piscopo’s own self-identification in terms of politics has shifted over the years. “For years I was a ‘Conservative Democrat,’ what they call a ‘Blue Dog,’ a Reagan Democrat. Now I’m an Independent, a moderate Conservative,” he says. The station’s parent company is Salem Media, an Evangelical owned Christian station. And Piscopo proudly declares himself pro-union. “I’m a member of four unions myself,” he says.

Piscopo backs up this claim as he discusses his possible upcoming run for Governor of New Jersey, as an Independent. He said on March 21st, that if he does decide to run, he will not run as a Republican, but as an Independent. He promised to make an announcement as to whether he will go ahead with the run in about a month. He has a fount of ideas for helping the state, but begins by citing how he would help union members, specifically police, fire fighters, and teachers. “I don’t think they should have to pay state tax,” he says. He also decries how pension and welfare promises that were made were taken back from “those who put their lives on the line every day,” and would make good on those promises. Other workers are in his plans too. “New Jersey is a union state, period,” he says. “I want to bring generic drug manufacturing to New Jersey, and I have spoken to international unions [about it],” he says. He also wants to invest in infrastructure, which would then bring in those to build it. And he’d like to invest in New Jersey’s ports, which would, he says, “create thousands of jobs.” “My pro-union stance is my democratic roots talking,” he adds.

While a run for Governor would no doubt immerse him in politics, Piscopo says he is no fan of the current tone dominating the political spectrum. “All this rancor has got to stop,” he says. “I’m of the belief that you can bring everybody together.”

Meanwhile, aside from political guests on his show, Piscopo also talks to celebrities across the board such as Jerry Seinfeld, Carly Simon,“my buddy” Tony Danza, and Rob Reiner, especially if they have a book or show to promote. And on Monday, March 20th, he opened the program with coverage of the deaths over the weekend of Chuck Berry and Jimmy Breslin. He also brings his own personal life into the mix if it fits – he told a story about introducing Berry at a sports event. He’ll also trade stories with the traffic reporter and the news reporter on the show. “It’s one big lovefest,” he says. At least during these four hours, he can fight off the rancor.

March 23, 2017

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