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Pilots Unionize at Canada’s 2nd-Largest Airline

May 19, 2017 
By Steven Wishnia and Neal Tepel
Calgary, Canada – Pilots at WestJet, Canada’s second-largest airline, have voted to join the Air Line Pilots Association, the union announced May 12.

The more than 1,400 pilots voted 62 per cent in favor of forming their first union. WestJet, founded in 1996, had long opposed unionization, and several previous organizing campaigns had failed to win elections, including one by pilots in 2015. The pilots tried again last December, and submitted union cards to the Canada Industrial Relations Board in April. Rob McFadyen, a member of ALPA’s WestJet organizing committee, told the Waterloo Record that the vote was about ensuring support on issues such as health, retirement, fatigue, safety, family support, and legal protection. Read more

May 20, 2017

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