Pass the Wage act for Workers’ Right

September 21, 2015
By Richard Trumka

How are companies like T-Mobile able to be so shameless in their anti-worker activity? Because the penalties for interfering with workers’ rights are ridiculously weak. There are no financial penalties for employers who break the law, and there are no monetary damages for workers who are illegally fired or retaliated against for exercising their rights.

As a result, employers view the meager penalties associated with suppressing collective action as the mere cost of doing business. That is why the labor movement strongly supports the Workplace Action for a Growing Economy (WAGE) Act, much-needed labor law reform legislation recently introduced by Sen. Patty Murray (D-Wash.) and Rep. Bobby Scott (D-Va.).Collective action is on the rise in America.

From auto plants to car washes. From Walmart to fast food. From Delta to T-Mobile. Working people are standing up for good pay, great benefits and a voice on the job. So why, even with all of this enthusiasm, are working people still faced with so many challenges? It’s simple—employers are rigging the process.The WAGE Act asserts in no uncertain terms that workers’ rights are civil rights.

September 20, 2015

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