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Opposition to T-Mobile/Sprint Merger

January 16, 2019

By Joe Levine

Washington DC – While T-Mobile and Sprint’s proposed merger is under review by the FCC and DOJ – opposition continues to mount.

The Communication Workers of America have argued that the merger will eliminate around  30,000 jobs. According to CWA, its also expected that for the great majority of rural Americans, the level of coverage and capacity would not inprove under the merger and may decrease.

In its latest filing, Dish claims that if T-Mobile and Sprint are allowed to merge, it will lead to a national mobile voice and broadband market controlled by three companies. This will result in increased prices for consumers. According to Dish, “The Applicants have not come close to demonstrating that the merger would serve the public interest.”  Dish notes that the companies claim the merger is needed to provide 5G capability is false. While T-Mobile and Sprint have stated that their merger is necessary to create a robust 5G network, each already is capable of fast, broad, and deep 5G deployment.

Protect America’s Wireless has also emerged as an opponent to T-Mobile and Sprint’s proposed merger. The group’s website outlines serious concerns with the merger. Their site has a section focused on “Protecting American National Security” that contains a quote from former George W. Bush White House staffer and current Fox News contributor Bradley Blakeman, stating, “Both Sprint and T-Mobile have a long history of using Chinese equipment suppliers Huawei and ZTE for devices integral to providing voice and data service, such as routers, servers, transmitters or receivers. These big suppliers — Huawei had more than $92 billion in revenue last year — have powerful tools at their disposal that could be used against the United States.”

T-Mobile and Sprint’s proposed merger continues to be under careful review by the FCC and DOJ. However, the two carriers appear to be confident  their merger will close in the first half of 2019.

January 16, 2019

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