Olympic/ Union Pride: U.S. Olympic Athletes Competing In Rio

August 19, 2016  
By WNYLaborToday.com Editor-Publisher Tom Campbell  

Rochester, NY – Even though the two cities are separated by more than 5,000 miles, you can feel the Union Pride emanating from Rochester, New York.

  That’s because the U.S. athletes who are competing for gold, silver and bronze at the Summer Olympic Games in Rio, Brazil are sporting clothing made by Hickey Freeman, blazers and shorts produced by Workers United’s Rochester Regional Board Members at the local clothing manufacturer.

“We’re ‘extremely’ proud.  It’s a ‘badge of honor’ and it ‘says a lot’ about the skill of our Members and the ‘quality’ they produce,” Workers United Rochester Regional Joint Board Assistant Manager Gary Bonadonna, Jr. tells WNYLaborToday.com.

“The skills and the quality is ‘high,’ so when you look at what our Members at Hickey Freeman have made for our U.S. athletes, it’s the ‘gold standard’ of clothing.  And – if it ‘wasn’t for the quality of the work they produce, they wouldn’t have made them,’” Bonadonna said.

The Rio Olympic Games opened on August 5th – with the American squad wearing the Union-made Hickey Freeman blue blazers as they entered into the stadium, holding the American flag up high – and ends on August 21st when those same athletes will be wearing white shorts that were also made by the Rochester clothing company during the games’ closing ceremonies. To read more click on the following link

August 18, 2016

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