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Offshore Wind Provides Energy for NYS

September 22, 2016 
By Tara Jessup, LaborPress NY

Albany, NY – With New York home to some of the world’s strongest offshore wind resources, the state is developing a strategic plan to utilize offshore wind along its vast coastline. NYS is developing a plan  to supply 50 percent of the state’s electricity from renewable energy resources by 2030 and wind is expected to be an important part of the mix.

"New York is a national leader in combating climate change and now we are taking the next big step forward,” Governor Cuomo said. “By developing a viable offshore wind energy source, we will continue to provide New Yorkers with clean, affordable power and lay the foundation for a thriving clean energy economy. This plan represents the future of New York and will cement our role as a leader in the renewable energy industry for generations to come.”

The Blueprint creates a framework for the responsible development of robust wind energy generating off the coast of New York through a comprehensive Offshore Wind Master Plan. By stimulating investment in clean technologies like solar, wind, and energy efficiency, 50% of the state's electricity needs could be generated from renewable energy sources by 2030. The statewide solar market is continually expanding enabling thousands of households to permanently cut their energy bills. Renewable energy options in New York has reduced statewide greenhouse gas and created thousands of jobs.

President and CEO of NYSERDA John B. Rhodes said, “Offshore wind offers significant potential to help New York State meet Governor Cuomo's nation-leading 50 percent renewable power goal by 2030. This blueprint lays out how New York will responsibly harness clean and cost-effective energy from offshore wind, and drive clean energy development to benefit all New Yorkers and fight the dangers of climate change.”

September 21, 2016

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