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Offshore Wind Power on Long Island Considered

November 10, 2014
By Neal Tepel

If implemented by Governor Cuomo and LIPA, the Deepwater ONE project would be the nation’s first 1,000 megawatt offshore wind farm. This innovative approach to providing electricity would produce enough electricity to power 150,000 LI homes and meet peak power demand without burning more fossil fuels. The project would create thousands of jobs and pioneer an industry.

In a letter supporting Deepwater ONE, Assemblyman Fred Thiele (I-Bridgehampton) wrote that the East End faces “unique energy and economic challenges” and can’t depend on the existing electricity grid.  The new energy supply produced by  offshore wind turbines could meet future demands for energy on Long Island. “As the only offshore wind development near Long Island to have completed the necessary federal leasing process, Deepwater Wind’s project has the unique ability to be in service many years before other projects, ensuring that Long Island will be at the forefront of the U.S. offshore wind industry,” continued Assemblyman Thiele.

Plans call for about 200 wind turbines within a 256-square-mile site more than 30 miles from Montauk. Advocates have stated that the development of wind power could meet peak power demand without burning more fossil fuels. The project has broad support on Long Island from advocates, legislators and the public. Its widely believed that  the initiative would not only create a new source of jobs but establish the infrastructure to provide  Long Island with a long-term competitive advantage in the offshore wind industry.

“Governor Cuomo and LIPA promised us a greater commitment to renewable energy this year,” said Lisa Dix, senior New York representative of the Sierra Club. “Now, we’re counting on them to follow through with an historic commitment to offshore wind power that will create jobs, grow our economy and safely and reliably power Long Island.”

Now is the time to implement programs that provide alternatives to gas energy for this great nation. The future of the country will be tied to clean, inexpensive sources of energy.

November 10, 2014

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