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Obama destroyed XL pipeline

November 27 2015
By John Floyd 
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It is now official President Obama has destroyed all chances of an approval for the Keystone XL pipeline. The denial of permits for TransCanada at this time means TransCanada will have to start the permitting process all over again.

The present permitting process has taken seven years which in all probability means at least another six years for approval; that is, if a Republican is our new President.The pipeline was a proposed 1,179-mile conduit for Alberta, Canada, oil sands to the Gulf Coast refineries. The pipeline was a win/win for both countries for many reasons. The main reason is to provide the United States with almost immediate access to another country’s oil. The U.S. has approved exports from Iran, but blocks exports from one of our friendliest and consistent allies, Canada. Go figure. Another reason for approval of the pipeline was the jobs created for its construction. Obama stated one of his reasons for denying the permit was the created jobs are not permanent, but temporary. Someone should ask Obama what construction jobs are permanent. The nature of construction work is to bid a job, complete the task, and move on to the next job.

There is nothing permanent about construction work. Every construction job is temporary. Obama knows nothing about blue collar work and the people who work in the construction industry. Terry O’Sullivan, President of the construction workers union, the LIUNA, said, “We are dismayed and disgusted that the President has thrown the members of LIUNA and other hardworking blue collar workers under the bus.”Construction workers aren’t the only ones thrown under the bus. Coal miners throughout Appalachia are unemployed, and some permanently, because of Obama’s obsession with eliminating coal as one of America’s sources for power. Obama has proposed reducing emissions from electricity producing plants by 32 percent by 2030. He has killed thousands of coal miners’ jobs to placate the elite environmentalists. Hillary Clinton has also stated her disapproval of the XL pipeline. This means unless the Republicans can elect a super majority in Congress, the pipeline won’t be built in our lifetime.

But Clinton’s and Obama’s subservience to the environmental left may have identified an Achilles heel of the Democrat party — jobs for American unions. So far, no Republican candidate has reached out to labor unions. This omission could lead to a Republican defeat in the presidential race If I was Donald Trump, with his job creation message, I would reach out to the Teamsters, United Auto Workers, LIUNA, United Steel Workers, and other large unions in the United States. Arrangements for face to face meetings with labor leaders would be on my agenda. Trump is talking labor’s language when he talks of bringing jobs back to the United States.The Republican Party and the labor unions of our country have more in common than most people believe. Both are for jobs growth and full employment. Unions should be non-political and concentrate on the good of their membership regardless of which party is in power. Republicans should stop treating the word “union” as the enemy and find a way engage for mutual benefit. The Republican candidate who reaches out to unions has an advantage over all other candidates, Republican or Democrat, and Donald Trump is the logical choice. At the end of the day, unions have nothing in common with the present day Democratic Party except social issues. The Republican Party and unions of the U.S. should find a way to breach imagined differences because it is in the interest of both parties.

November 26, 2015

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