NYS Stem Cell Education Grant

August 8, 2014
By Stephanie West

A grant of $14 million in funding is available to promote and support stem cell research in New York State. Stem cell science is widely viewed by experts as the key to understanding and treating many of the most devastating conditions worldwide.

“Providing teachers with access to advanced learning opportunities is one of the best ways that we can help them empower today’s students to become tomorrow’s researchers,” Governor Cuomo said. “The Empire State is proud to be a leader in many health-related fields, and it is my hope this program will help more New Yorkers define the face of modern medicine for years to come.”

Hands-on stem cell research opportunities will be made available to middle- and high-school biology teachers through programs developed by not-for-profit or public colleges and universities. Teachers will spend six-to-eight weeks conducting research in a stem cell laboratory and will carry their experiences back to students in lesson plans or hands-on activities to foster interest in stem cell research.

The teacher training program aims to increase the supply of future stem cell scientists by offering real-world experience that teachers can share with students who are exploring science and technology as a potential career path. It will also cultivate relationships between researchers at academic institutions and middle- and high-school teachers.

August 7, 2014

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