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NYC Vehicle Fleet Solar-Powered

January 4, 2019

By Neal Tepel

NEW YORK, NY — New York City is expanding its fleet of electric vehicles and charging stations across the five boroughs. Its solar-powered charging stations provide support for the largest network of solar-powered electric vehicles  in the country.

“New York City is proud to be leading the fight against climate change by investing in solar energy,” said Mayor de Blasio. “With these new solar charging stations, we are taking a step further toward making our City fleet fully dependent on renewable energy.”

The plan, announced in December 2015, calls for the City to have 2,000 on-road electric vehicles by 2025. Each carport can recharge up to three electric vehicles daily. Carports are slated to be installed on the campus of City schools that will power electric vehicles used for student driver education. To date, the City has more than 1,700 electric vehicles in use across 28 of its agencies. Its expected that  each carport will offset half its cost through gasoline savings over its expected lifespan. The units require no installation of any type and can be moved by the City’s flatbed tow trucks.

“As Washington attempts to roll back vehicle emissions standards, New York City is deploying electric vehicles and powering them using nothing but sunlight,” said Lisette Camilo, Commissioner of the NYC Department of Citywide Administrative Services. “By building the largest network of solar charging stations, we are showing what cities can do to take the lead.”

January 4, 2019

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