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NYC is Beginning to Shut Down Again – What Can be Done?

October 7, 2020

By Ben Kimmel

New York, NY – The Department of Health has closed certain zip codes in New York with an infection rate above 3% to prevent a second wave of Covid infections. However, with an economy that is already reeling from the previous shutdown and with out-of-work statistics, the concerns for another total City shutdown is a worry to all. 

Systematically, New York City has yet to return to business as usual. Most office buildings are reporting tragically low occupancy rates with occupancy percentages running much lower than 10%.

Either out of work or working remotely, the working world is still undergoing an extended pause with little hope of a bright, immediate future. Although many take the safety protocols seriously, it has been noticed and argued that many have allowed their safety measures and use of PPE to become laxed.

Seven months after the March shutdown to control the infection rate and flatten the curve, recent news of infections have proven the virus is still painfully real. The following zip codes have been ordered to shut down all public and private schools: 11691, 11219, 11223, 11230, 11204, 11210, 11229, 11415 and 11367.

Pending state approval, the DOH is proposing zip codes with an infection rate of 3% or above should close all non-essential businesses and allow restaurants to serve pick-up and to-go meals only. 

The DOH advised the following zip codes that are trending upwards to face the same restrictions. Zip codes such as, 11205, 11211, 11249, 11235, 11234, 11213, 11218, 11374, 11366, 11432,11365 and 11375 are also at risk of facing certain shutdown potentials if the rates continue to rise.

Of all things to be certain, another shutdown would cripple the City’s ability to rebuild from our progress. Most businesses are still closed. Movie theaters are closed. Concerts and sporting events are not available for attendance. Should the virus spread as quickly and as deadly as  earlier this year, what would it mean for the workers and residents of this great city.

There have been voiced concerns in recent chatter on message boards and social media that point fingers at religious communities who fail to adhere to safety regulations; however, the zip codes above range from all walks of life and not just a specific religion.

This can only mean one thing:
Think smart, Cuomo.
There is more riding on your decisions than you think.

Ben Kimmel is a proud member of the IUOE Local 94, as well as a Mental Health First Aid Instructor, Certified Recovery Coach, Certified Professional Life Coach and Peer & Wellness Advocate.  Ben can be reached at


October 7, 2020

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