NYC Council Member Miller Opposes Congestion Pricing

November 2, 2015
By Tara Jessup

Queens, New York. – A congestion pricing plan endorsed by the Progressive Caucus, received another voice of dissent, with Council Member I. Daneek Miller breaking from his Caucus colleagues and opposing the plan.

Miller charges that adding tolls for bridges and roads will keep New York idle, not facilitate transportation.“I appreciate the concern of my colleagues to generate revenue for the MTA, but congestion pricing is ultimately a misguided proposal. It is a regressive tax and an undue burden on low and middle-income working families. With limited local control of the MTA’s budget and without any proposed projects for funding, New Yorkers should not be asked to foot yet another bill,” said Council Member I. Daneek Miller (D – St. Albans).

An endorsement of congestion pricing is quite the fright for New Yorkers and all commuters alike, just in time for Halloween.”Miller represents Southeast Queens, an area that has been historically been underfunded by mass transit spending. Residents of this community traveling to New York City’s largest business districts average nearly 15 hours a week in commute, more than twice the average New York City commuter. Those looking to ease their commute must pay higher fares to access MTA commuter rails, as MTA subways have a meager presence in the area. Additionally, the community is currently waiting for the 76-year-old Jamaica Bus Depot to be replaced, as proposed in the MTA Capital Plan. For these reasons Southeast Queens is often referred to as a “transportation desert”.

October 30, 2015

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