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NYC Community Policing Expanded

June 29, 2015
By Stephanie West

Bill Bratton (l) and Bill de Blasio

New York, NY — Mayor de Blasio and New York Police Department Commissioner Bill Bratton have announced  'One City: Safe and Fair – Everywhere.' The plan outlines a series of strategic changes that forms a comprehensive framework for neighborhood policing. The goal is to develop a partnership with police and neighborhood residents in an effective fight against crime.

“Over the last year and a half, this administration has embarked on a vision of reform to overcome decades of challenges between the police and the communities they serve while also driving down crime. From equipping officers with new technology and enhanced training, to reducing unnecessary stops, profound changes in policing are already underway, and their effects are being felt across the city,” said Mayor de Blasio.  “With One City: Safe and Fair – Everywhere, we take the next step and apply our vision on the grandest scale yet to ensure the people of this city have a police force that is deeply connected at the neighborhood level, where police officers are deployed consistently in those communities to build relationships and deepen trust, and community members are fully engaged and mobilized partners in the mission to keep our streets safe.”

The plan recognizes that the best way to keep crime at historically low levels, and drive it down even further, is to involve city residents as coequal partners. This comprehensive program for neighborhood policing is designed to increase community involvement in all aspects of providing a safe environment to communities while building stronger relationships between residents and cops.
“Today, the NYPD steps into a new era – an era in which police become the professionals they signed up to be – the guardians and protectors of every community of New York, working in partnership with the residents of those communities and, ultimately with every public and private entity, to make every part of the city safe and fair for everyone,” said Police Commissioner William J. Bratton.

June 29, 2015

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