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Noel Beasley Amalgamated’s Chairman of the Board

October 13, 2011

Amalgamated Life Insurance Company, a leading provider of life and health insurance, and member companies, has announced that Noel Beasley, President of Workers United and the Manager of its Chicago and Midwest Regional Joint Board, and a Vice President of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), has become the Company’s new Chairman of the Board. Mr. Beasley succeeds Bruce Raynor, who recently retired from the Board. He brings to the role extensive leadership experience including a 37 year span serving on behalf of labor.

According to Amalgamated Life President and Chief Executive Officer David J. Walsh, “I am fully confident that Noel Beasley will be an outstanding Chairman of the Board. His proven track record as an active member of both the labor and corporate sectors will make his insights invaluable to our organization and provide valuable continuity in leadership. On behalf of our Company and Board of Directors, we thank Bruce Raynor for his many years of hard work and dedication to our organization.”

Beasley began his role in labor in 1974 when, he became a member of the Textile Workers Union while working as a welder in an Indiana factory. In 1977, he became a member of the union’s staff and has served as its director of Midwest Operations for 25 years. It was within his region that two of the union’s biggest job saving campaigns were waged involving Hartmarx (Chicago, IL), the nation’s largest menswear manufacturer, and Hugo Boss, the last clothing manufacturer in Cleveland, which had planned to shut down its plant and lay off 400 workers – a decision which was reversed by the successful union campaign led by Beasley.

In addition to his role at the unions and Amalgamated Life, Beasley serves as a trustee of a number of pension and health and welfare funds. Beasley holds a Bachelor of Arts from Pepperdine College and a Master’s from Purdue University. He resides in Chicago, IL.

October 13, 2011

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