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NNU: Manipulated Primary Gave Us A Weaker Candidate – But Fight Goes On

November 15, 2016   
By Doug Cunningham
Workers Independent News

Washington, DC – National Nurses United Co-President Deborah Burger says manipulation of the Democratic presidential primary by the DNC ended up nominating a candidate chosen by party leaders not by the people.

Polls consistently showed Bernie Sanders was the Democrat who would run stronger in the general election. But Burger says Clinton was chosen instead from the top down by the powers that be instead of fairly by the people.

[Deborah Burger]: “You saw it in all of the leaked emails. It was a very very tightly controlled and contrived DNC choosing to select a candidate that they felt was more electable.

And it’s to their detriment and to ours now that they actually chose who was going to be the candidate for the Democratic Party. And they ended up not having the support of just regular people.”

Burger says the new presidency is likely to look to Wisconsin’s Republican union-busting and dismantling of progressive policies as a model for national governance.

But National Nurses United and the rest of labor and progressive America know that the majority of ballots cast were for their candidate, not Trump so the fight goes on.

[Deborah Burger]: “It’s going to be a long difficult road. And nurses are used to doing the best with what they’re given and making it better. We’re going to keep fighting to hold all politicians accountable for protecting our communities and unions in this country.”

November 14, 2016

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