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NLRB Alleges ATI Lockout Is Illegal

December 26, 2015
By Steven Wishnia and Neal Tepel

Pittsburgh, PA—The National Labor Relations Board announced Dec. 18 that it would file a complaint against Allegheny Technologies, alleging that its four-month lockout of about 2,300 steelworkers is an unfair labor practice.

The determination was reached on merit and that, according to the [NLRB Pittsburgh] regional director, the lockout was unlawful,” said board press secretary Jessica Kahanek. The company began the lockout Aug. 15, six weeks after its contract with the United Steelworkers expired, and has been trying to run 12 plants using salaried employees and strikebreakers. “In all my years as a negotiator, I have never seen a company engage in such obvious bad-faith bargaining,

Steelworkers vice president Tom Conway said. “We are delighted that the regional director agreed with us on every major point that we made.” If the NLRB’s administrative law judge upholds the complaint, he or she could order ATI to pay locked-out workers all wages and benefits lost during the lockout. Read more

December 25, 2015

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