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NJEA Endorses Barbara Buono

March 18, 2013
Labor World by Diane Cohen

Barbara Bowen for new Jersey governor

Senator Barbara Buono

Trenton NJ – The 195,000-member New Jersey Education Association has endorsed Senator Barbara Buono for governor.

“Barbara Buono has supported public education for her entire career in the Legislature,” said NJEA President Barbara Keshishian. “She is a proud graduate of New Jersey’s public schools, and understands the vital role they play in the aspirations of middle class citizens.

Unfortunately, over the past three years, teachers and school employees have seen their budgets slashed, their colleagues laid off, their class sizes increased, and their programs cut.  It’s time for new leadership,” said Keshishian.

“Barbara Buono will be a governor who will believe in public education and the men and women who work in our public schools,” said Keshishian. “Barbara Buono will make the right choice between tax cuts for millionaires and textbooks for schoolchildren. When she appeared before several hundred NJEA members from across the state at the March 16, 2013 Delegate Assembly meeting in Trenton, Buono was greeted by thunderous applause.

On Friday evening March 15, 2013, the NJEA PAC Operating Committee, representing members in every New Jersey County, voted unanimously to endorse Buono.  Both Buono and Gov. Chris Christie were interviewed by a 15-member screening committee, which recommended Buono’s endorsement to the entire 135-member Operating Committee. “We genuinely appreciate Governor Christie’s willingness to participate in a candid and thoughtful conversation with our screening committee,” said Keshishian.

“Barbara Buono rejects the misplaced priorities of the past – priorities like tax cuts for millionaires while blocking an increase in the minimum wage; shortchanging public schools while allowing property taxes to increase by 20 percent; and demanding taxpayer-funded vouchers for private schools while underfunding public schools by billions of dollars. New Jersey and its citizens can do better, and NJEA is proud to support Barbara Buono for governor,” concluded Keshishian.

March 17, 2013

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