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NJ Building Trades Supports LG Headquarters Project

May 1, 2014
By Neal Tepel

Clark, N.J. –  Speaking on behalf of his 150,000 members, the statewide head of the New Jersey construction trades has spoken out in support of the construction project under way in Englewood Cliffs for LG Electronics' new North American headquarters.

William T. Mullen, President of the New Jersey State Building and Construction Trades Council, said, "With unemployment back on the rise and 1,500 more New Jersey jobs lost in March, we have to work together to make this state more welcome to businesses like LG, businesses that want to invest in New Jersey today and for the long term, businesses that will continue to create employment."

The New Jersey Building Trades represents tens of thousands of workers, some of whom will work on the LG project. "We need jobs in New Jersey now, and a major construction project like this will open up a lot of opportunities for New Jersey's construction workers," Mullen continued.

The LG headquarters project is projected to bring more than 2,200 jobs to the construction industry, jobs that are desperately needed as construction trades have suffered up to 40 percent unemployment rates since the recession struck in 2008 and are a long way from recovery, Mullen explained. Independent research has shown that the LG project will be a huge boost to the local economy in jobs and taxes and will help stimulate economic growth throughout the region. This building and its associated employment will have a projected economic impact of more than $500 million in direct and indirect revenues to the State of New Jersey over a 20-year period. Mullen pointed out that the $300 million LG headquarters project is funded entirely by the company with no government incentives.

The New Jersey State Building and Construction Trades Council coordinates activity and provides resources to 15 affiliated trades unions in the construction industry. It represents 13 Local Building Trades Councils, more than 100 local unions and over 150,000 rank and file members.

April 30, 2014

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