Nissan Plant Demonstrations Continue in Mississippi

June 30, 2014
By Stephanie West

Canton, Mississippi – Student activists, Nissan workers, UAW members along with Danny Glover rallied at the Nissan plant in Canton, Mississippi on Friday June 27th. Demonstrators demanded that Nissan allow a fair union election and respect the civil and labor rights of workers by stopping anti-union intimidation. The theme – Tell Nissan Labor Rights are Civil Rights.

Students from across the nation came to the South for the event to emphasize the connection between the struggle for workers’ rights at Nissan and the student-led civil rights fight 50 years ago. “Our rally showed that as long as Nissan workers can’t exercise their fundamental labor right to form a union, which is a civil right, then the civil rights struggles of 50 years ago will continue,” said student activist member Monica Atkins.

Over 1,00 students rallied from 60 colleges to focus the public’s attention on the lack of labor rights for Nissan workers. Activities will continue in the fall to raise awareness
about Nissan’s denial of workers’ labor rights. “Fifty years ago students brought the
lack of civil and voting rights in Mississippi to the nation’s attention. In 2014, we’re shining a light on the lack of
labor rights for workers at Nissan. Their struggle is a continuation of the civil rights battle young people fought in 1964,” said rally participant Dedmond.

Nissan workers and the UAW are calling upon Nissan to allow workers a fair union election, in an environment free of the threats and intimidation.

June 30, 2014

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