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New Washington Times/Zogby Telephone Poll 
Romney Bounces Into Tie With Obama, 45%-45%; 
Big Turnaround Among Independents 

October 10, 2012

UTICA, N.Y. — A new Washington Times/Zogby Poll of 800 likely voters shows the presidential race back to a dead heat between President Barack Obama and former Governor Mitt Romney. The live telephone survey was conducted by Zogby Analytics Friday through Sunday – the entire sample after both the October 3 debate and the Labor Department's release of new unemployment figures. 

The poll shows Mr. Romney solidifying his base of Republicans (88%-6%), white voters (57%-35%), men (55%-36%), evangelicals (59%-28%), married voters (51%-39%, especially married men 63%-30%), NASCAR fans (55%-38%), conservatives (78%-13%), and investors (54%-39%). He continues to poll stronger among 18-29 year olds (39% to Mr. Obama's 49%). 


Mr. Romney has turned around a 14-point deficit among independents into a 6 point lead (41%-35%), but 23% remain undecided. 

Mr. Obama is very strong among Democrats (85%-9%), Hispanics (73%-19%), women (52%-37%), Catholics (51%-42%), and liberals (84%-12%). While the President leads the former Governor 76%-6% among African Americans, 18% are undecided. 


In other Washington Times/Zogby Poll findings:


Obama leads Romney 46%-45%, with Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson and other third party candidate added in;


– By a factor of 55% to 35%, voters do not want cuts in spending to public television. This includes 32% of Republicans and 50% of white voters;


– By a margin of 46% to 30%, voters think that GOP Vice-Presidential nominee Paul Ryan will defeat Vice-President Joe Biden in the VP debate on October 11;
- More voters (54%) think Obama will win the election, than those who think Romney will win 32%;


- A majority (57%) feel they are worse off today than four years ago, compared to 43% who say they are better off;
- Obama is felt better able to handle immigration (48%-41%) and foreign affairs (50%-44%), while Romney is deemed better on national security (48%-45%) and jobs/economy (50%-44%).

The two candidates are tied on energy (46% each);

The Washington Times/Zogby Poll sampled 38% Democrats, 35% Republicans and 27% independents; 74% white, 10% Hispanic, and 12% African American; and 43% conservative, 36% moderate, and 21% liberal voters. 

October 9, 2012

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