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New Tools Help You Get the Most from Your Health Benefits

April 21, 2011
By Tom Canty, VP & GM Sales, Empire BlueCross BlueShield

What’s the difference between a co pay and co insurance? What does it mean if a doctor is ‘out of network’? How does a Health Savings Account work? Understanding your coverage and benefits should be a top priority. That’s why Empire BlueCross BlueShield has developed interactive eTutorials to help you get the most from your health plan.

The Basics of Health Insurance eTutorial can be viewed at, and the Web Overview eTutorial can be viewed at  When you log on, you can:


See what different doctors and hospitals in your area charge for common surgeries and how often they are performed

Find a doctor

Take a health assessment to see how healthy you are and print a report to share with your doctors

Personalize your health record and put your medical information in one place

Work with a personal health coach who can help you manage an illness or condition

View videos of common surgeries being performed

Find discounts for local gym memberships, eyeglasses, weight loss programs and more
Here’s to your health!

April 20, 2011

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