NEA Links Trump to School Bullying

October 9, 2016  
By Steven Wishnia and Neal Tepel

Washington, DC – The National Education Association is marking National Bullying Prevention Month by launching a campaign tying Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump to schoolyard bullying.

NEA President Lily Eskelsen García told the Washington Post that members have reported increasing amounts of pupils telling other kids that they might be deported by Trump or calling them terrorists. “Kids feel like they have been given permission, and they are invoking the name of Donald Trump,” she said. “Every time he opens his mouth he insults someone. He degrades someone because of their race, their religion, their weight.” The union will hold conference calls and news conferences with teachers, principals, and psychologists to talk about Trump and bullying, as well as using more traditional techniques to get its 3 million members to turn out for Democrat Hillary Clinton. “We are going to do everything humanly possible to make sure that we have a president who will be a good role model for children,” Eskelsen García said. Read more

October 8, 2016

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