National Nurses United Conference Deals With Staffing And Other Critical Nurse-Patient Issues

December 3 , 2015
By Doug Cunningham Workers Independent News

 More than a thousand RN’s from across California and the nation gathered in Los Angeles Wednesday for a conference on critical issues facing nurses and safe patient care. California Lt. Governor Gavin Newsome welcomed the nurses and addressed he conference.

Thursday the nurses will join environmental and other groups for the Los Angeles Climate Action Convergence. The march and rally coincides with the United Nations Climate Summit underway in Paris. One of the critical issues facing nurses is staffing – the nurse to patient ratio. California has had a law in place since 2004 governing safe nurse-patient staffing ratios. There are two bills in Congress now to establish safe nurse-patient ratios nationwide. For its Safe Patient Ratios campaign National Nurses United produced a video featuring nurses speaking out on the critical staffing issue. [NNU Audio]: "Before ratios were put into law I had ten patients by myself on night shift.

And I had ten-plus patients. I didn't have enough feet, enough hands to get the work done. The patients are calling and you just can't go to seven, eight people at the same time. I was so happy for ratios. It was a Godsend. When the ratios came, it was like hallelujah! Because then you were really able to give true patient care. I went to this one floor and talked to those nurses. There was two nurses on the floor with over twenty-five to thirty patients. Patients screaming out in pain. And that's when I knew right then and there. In every state we got to have ratios. To hear the audio click the following link

December 3, 2015

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