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Nassau County Contracts for Wastewater Management

July 16, 2014
By Stephanie West

Long Island, NY – Nassau County has partnered with United Water – a national wastewater systems management firm to manage and operate the County’s three wastewater treatment facilities and sewage system. The company, in their proposal, claims it will save the county $233 Million over the life of the contract. However many that monitor quality of county programs question that number as well as the need to contract-out services. In the past,  monitoring reports have demonstrated that long-term contracting of municipal operations has turned out to be more costly and less efficient than hiring county workers.

County Executive Mangano stated, “This partnership was formed to dramatically improve the County’s ability to protect our environment and the health and well-being of our residents. Together with United Water, we will implement unprecedented advances in environmental protection, odor control, management efficiencies, plant aesthetics and public information. Furthermore, this effort permits a more effective and efficient management of the plants and sewage system following the Federal government’s significant investment in storm hardening of our infrastructure.”

Under a 20 year agreement, United Water is tasked with managing the County’s three treatment plants and sewage collection system: Bay Park in East Rockaway that serves some 532,000 residents; Cedar Creek in Wantagh that serves 600,000 residents; and Glen Cove that serves 27,000 residents. Nassau County will continue to own facilities with United providing staffing and maintenance.

July 15, 2014

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