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Municipal Workers Under Attack in Wisconsin

March 1, 2016
By Neal Tepel 

Scott Walker

Madison, Wisconsin – Scott Walker has returned to Wisconsin and he’s not wasting any time attacking municipal workers.The New York Times Editorial Board recently published a revealing look into Walker’s anti-worker activities. His brazen union-busting attacks on employees in 2010 is only part of his plan to dismantle public servant protections in Wisconsin.

In mid-February, Walker signed a bill that rewrites the 110-year-old Wisconsin Constitution to roll-back Civil Service protections. This legislation will eliminate job applicant exams and create  a spoils system as well as favoritism in hiring. This regulation would permit state agencies to extend probation periods from six months to two years, quadrupling the time managers can fire new hires. On July 1st this civil service legislation will effect 30,000 state workers.

It's hard to believe that attacks on public servants are taking place across the country – in all levels of government. The objective is always the same: bust unions and destroy fair treatment of workers. What has happened to this great country?

February 29, 2016

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