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More Than Just Your Average Deli

June 25, 2018

By Brett Robinson

It’s one of those days. You’re inundated with work and you’ve decided today is the day to try the new deli that just opened next door. There’s a salami sandwich with your name on it. You get there and before you can even finish customizing your sandwich, they hand you a pre-made sandwich with all the fixings you didn’t want. You ask for them to make you a sandwich the way you’d like and they tell you they can’t. How disappointing.

Unfortunately, Unions have the same issue when it comes to looking for a dental benefits plan for their members. Fortunately for them, Healthplex’s core business is to customize plans to meet every union’s need. Union members are often moved into a plan that may not be the best match for them and are forced to choose either a low cost plan or one with more options. There is no middle ground and being boxed into a dental plan with very little flexibility is as frustrating as being handed a sandwich you didn’t ask for.

With Healthplex, not only can you choose all the fixings for your sandwich, but you can also decide how many slices of meat you want. Based on your budget, you can decide exactly what you want to offer in your basic coverage (slices of meat) and what kinds of extra benefits you want to add on such as ortho and implants (the fixings). Have a higher budget? Let’s add a few more slices.  Want to enhance your benefit? We’ll find the right fixing for you. This level of customization is offered to ensure the Union, the members and the providers, all get the best benefit possible. It may seem like an odd metaphor but just like you’d be hard pressed to find a deli that would let you choose how many slices of meat to put on your sandwich based on the amount of money you have, you would be hard pressed to find a carrier who can tailor your dental plan to give you the most you can possibly get for the money you have to spend.

Being flexible enough to provide access to a high-quality network at an affordable cost is what Healthplex prides itself on. From orthodontic treatments and dental implants to routine care, we can put together a plan that satisfies all the needs of your members. Call us at 800-468-0466 and let us help you build a plan. Everyone should be able to order a sandwich the way they’d like, and Healthplex is not your average deli.

June 25, 2018

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