Mondelēz/Nabisco Moves to Mexico

March 12, 2016
By John Quinn, LaborPress USA

Chicago, IL – In response to Mondelēz International/Nabisco decision to move their factory and jobs to Mexico, Cook County passed a resolution.  The document states that "any business that abandons its commitment to its local community by moving production to low-wage countries will be seen as abandoning its relationship with Cook County," and "strongly encourages Nabisco Biscuit Company/Mondelēz International to engage in discussions to find ways to maintain its relationship with the immediate community whilst also maintaining jobs within the County." 

In 1993, the National Biscuit Company cited necessary plant updates as a reason for a proposed outsourcing of their plant. Local authorities responded and provided financial support for the plant expansion. Since that time, the company has received tax incentives upwards of $90 million.

Mondelēz International/Nabisco after taking taxpayer money,  announced a plan to outsource jobs to Mexico instead of investing in its iconic Nabisco bakery in Chicago. Over  600 jobs are lost.

March 11, 2016

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