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Michigan Governor Rick Snyder Is Finally Sorry For Poisoning Flint’s Water Supply

January 1, 2016
By Doug Cunningham 
Workers Independent News

Detroit, MI- It took many months and a community rising up but Michigan Governor Rick Snyder has finally expressed at least some regret for poisoning the city of Flint's water supply.

Snyder appointed an "emergency manager" to control Flint under the state's controversial Republican law giving governor-appointed managers dictatorial power overt cities with financial emergencies. Snyder's manager decided to switch Flint's water supply from the city of Detroit to the polluted Flint River. It resulted in lead contamination and additional pollutants in the city's drinking water. 

Governor Snyder said he wants the Flint community to know how "very sorry" he is that "this happened". Snyder is directly responsible for causing the water poisoning since he appointed the city emergency manager who did it and that manager answered only to Snyder. To hear the audio click the following link labor

December 31, 2015

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