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Meet Brandon Fulton: LP Outstanding Apprentice of The Year

April 7, 2018

By Silver Krieger

Born on August 17th, 1992, in Brooklyn, and raised in Queens, Brandon Fulton is one of four children. His father, Barrington, has been a Local 30 Dual License Engineer for over 25 years. After completing four years of college at St. John’s University, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in Television & Film, Fulton realized that most of the job offers he was getting were just that, jobs. Fulton was looking for a career – a career he would love, where he could work hard and be secure with wages and benefits, with the hope of someday having a family of his own and providing for them the way his father provided for him and his siblings. 

Brandon Fulton.

Fulton began his journey with Local 30 in the winter of 2016 when he picked up his application for the Local 30 Apprentice Program. After studying hard and following all of the steps in the application process to the letter, Brandon was accepted into the program for the 2016-17 school year.

Fulton steadfastly demonstrated his serious intentions with Local 30 and the Apprentice Program – always coming to every interview and union meeting dressed for success and treating everyone he met with the utmost respect. He has been a consistent role model for both his graduating class as well as the upcoming junior classes. 

And he didn’t waste any time obtaining the required certificates before graduation. Today, Fulton has his NYC Refrigeration Operator License as well as his Universal CFC Certificate. It wasn’t long before Fulton’s employer at New York Presbyterian Hospital noticed his hard work and dedication to his trade and quickly promoted him from Apprentice to Maintenance Mechanic. Fulton is also very close to earning the required high pressure steam time required to sit for the NYC High Pressure Stationary Engineer’s license. 

Since enrolling in Local 30’s Apprentice training program, the union says Fulton has become an exceptionally positive example of the success that hard work and enjoying one’s career can bring. The Local is extremely confident in the bright future Fulton will have as a Stationary Engineer.

April 7, 2018

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