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Mark Murphy Leads the Fight for Working New Yorkers in the 11th CD

Mark Murphy Leads the Fight for Working New Yorkers in the 11th CD

August 20, 2012
By Stephanie West

In the hotly contested Congressional race in the 11th District, Democrat Mark Murphy is focusing his insurgent campaign on winning the hearts and minds of the many union members in his district.  With a lifelong commitment to labor values and deep family ties to many unions, Murphy is focusing on the issues that matter most to working families:  jobs, wages, fair labor laws and protecting Social Security and Medicare.

Although a first time candidate, Murphy is no stranger to politics. He grew up in a very political family, and was taught the importance of organized labor at a young age.

“I learned about the importance of labor solidarity early on,” says Murphy.  “It was working men and women, standing together, who won for working families everything from the 40 hour work week to all the critical job safety standards that protect working people everyday.”

Now, as the GOP dominated Congress seeks to dismantle many of the hard-won job protections that American workers depend on, Murphy is ready to go to Congress to fight back.

“Corporate greed has sent our jobs overseas, gutted American wages, attacked our benefits, and even launched campaigns to take away worker rights. It has to stop, and it will only stop when we have new leadership in Congress,” Murphy stated.

Beyond the crucial labor issues, Murphy also raised the fact that his opponent, has sided time and again with millionaires over working New Yorkers. Corporations are not people.

“Look at Congressman Grimm’s voting record: tax breaks for millionaires, tax hikes for middle class families, and tax breaks for companies that outsource jobs and cut unemployment benefits for the workers who are hurt by his pro-outsourcing policies. That is morally, fiscally, and ethically wrong,” said Murphy.

Murphy is hoping to add to his campaign’s momentum by winning the support of the powerful AFL- CIO.

“We’re asking every supporter, please stay with us until the very end and support this campaign,” continued Murphy.  “Your vote counts for me, and when we win, my vote will always count for you.”

August 19, 2012

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