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Lynne Fox Chairs Amalgamated Bank Board

June 5, 2016
By Neal Tepel

New York, NY – Lynne Fox will replace Noel Beasley as the Chair of the Board of Amalgamated Bank. Ms. Fox, who has an impressive resume of progressive work, is the first woman to serve as the bank’s board chair.

Fox currently serves as the International President of Workers’ United and the Manager of the Philadelphia Joint Board for Workers’ United, managing and overseeing 75,000 members in the US and Canada.

“At Amalgamated, we believe that diversity is essential to strong leadership,” said Keith Mestrich, President and CEO of Amalgamated Bank. “Studies have shown that banks with women on their boards outperform, and are more financially stable than those without female leadership. Ms. Fox’s deep rooted progressive values and union experience make her a natural fit for the bank, and we are thrilled to have her lead our social responsibility efforts on behalf of the bank and our board.”

Ms. Fox has been the manager for Workers’ United in Philadelphia for over 15 years. As a Philadelphia native born and raised in the labor movement, Fox has been committed to fighting for justice and fairness for all people. Fox has deep ties to the Philadelphia community, where among other things, she serves as president of the Philadelphia Jewish Labor Committee, vice president on the Philadelphia AFL-CIO Council and on the board of the Philadelphia Airport Advisory Board. Fox received her B.S. from Pennsylvania State University and her J.D. from Gonzaga University School of Law, where she was on Law Review and was published; and Temple University School of Law. She is the daughter of a Holocaust survivor.

“Justice and fairness for all people is a right, not a luxury,” said Ms. Fox. “Amalgamated Bank’s commitment to the working families, and dedication to bringing financial equity to all is both inspiring and commendable. I have spent my entire career working with progressive organizations to promote the power of labor and organizing, and I am excited and proud to continue promoting these values as a leader of the board.”

June 4, 2016

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