Los Angeles School Board Urged To Oppose Billionaire Plan For Charter Expansion

December 9 , 2015
By Doug Cunningham

Workers Independent News

Los Angeles, California – school board was urged Tuesday to take a stand against a charter school expansion program pushed by billionaires through the Eli Broad Foundation. Broad wants to take half of Los Angeles students out of the public school system and put them into private charter schools using public education funds.

Parents and community groups joined teachers union members to urge the school board to oppose the charter expansion. The board is being urged to pass the "Excellent Public Education For Every Student" resolution opposing market-driven education reforms. A leaked Broad charter expansion plan document refers to students and schools as "market share" and calls teachers "human capital".

UTLA President Alex Caputo says the Broad-Walmart plan is a comprehensive attack on teachers and on the commitment to public education, especially in large urban school systems. [Alex Caputo]: "Los Angeles has been one of the ground zeroes of that attack on teachers. It's part of a broader attack against public sector workers and part of a broader attack against large public systems that serve largely communities of color and largely low income communities. To hear the audio click the following link labor

December 8, 2015

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