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Local 46 Ironworker Fires Charter/Spectrum – Watch it!

October 23, 2017

By Administrator

From Local 46: In New York City, Metallic Lathers & Reinforcing Iron Workers Local Union 46 member Steve Perez, in a show of solidarity with 1,700 striking Spectrum employees, returned his cable boxes and internet equipment and ended his relationship with Spectrum. The employees of Spectrum, who are members of Electrical Workers Local Union 3, have been on strike for seven months, fighting corporate greed, fighting for good paying jobs, fighting for their benefits, fighting for their families. Local 3 members need our support now more than ever. When Local 3 wins this fight, corporate greed and union-busting will lose. Help out if you can, our union sisters and brothers need your support. Tell Spectrum to bargain in good faith and to stop being so greedy! Fire Spectrum until they decide to treat the hard working women and men with respect. In solidarity, forever!


October 23, 2017

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