Local 1707 Members Attend Education Conference at Metropolitan College of New York

By: Dr. Leonard H. Golubchick
Adjunct Professor of Education, Metropolitan College of New York
Adjunct Professor of Education, Long Island University, Rockland Graduate Center
Adjunct Professor of Education, St John’s University

November 16, 2010

On November 5, 2010 Metropolitan College of New York hosted the conference, “Understanding Factors Affecting the Academic Achievement of Chinese Immigrant and Chinese-American Students”.

The conference was attended by 130 participants including Local 1707 members, government leaders, P-12 Schools, higher education institutions, academia, non-profit organizations and the corporate sector.

The major goal of the conference was to discuss the cultural, social and educational factors affecting achievement of Chinese students. Three different panels discussed major issues pertaining to the Chinese immigrant and Chinese-American experience, instructional strategies to promote academic success amongst Chinese students, and the resources available that are critical to ensuring that Chinese immigrant and Chinese American students and families are provided the necessary support in order to be successful.

Panelists represented a variety of experts from local community organizations such as Alan Cohen of the Chinese American Planning Council, Beatrice Chen of the Museum of Chinese American, Mitchell Wu from the Coalition for Asian American Children and Families, Peter Gee from the Asian Americans for Equality, and Jian Liu who is an immigrant who attended local public schools and who is now a teacher candidate at CCNY.

The local education community was represented by James Lee, Principal of PS 20M, Yi Lan, Principal of the High School for Dual Language and Pat Lo, from  the Department of Education. The academic community was represented Dr. Jennifer Chen, Professor at Kean College, and Dr. Eugenia Yau, Professor at Borough of Manhattan Community College.  In addition, Metropolitan College of New York was represented by Dr. Patrick Ianniello, Director of Education, Dr. Leonard Golubchick, Adjunct Professor of Education and Dr. Lindsay Hu, Assistant Professor of Education.
TD Bank and was a conference sponsor. The conference was the first planned by Metropolitan College of New York dealing with educational issues of interest to the surrounding community and the city at large. 



November 16, 2010

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