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LIUNA: Attack on Unions in Canada

October 1, 2015 
By John Quinn, LaborPress Canada

Vaughn, Ontario – Earlier this year the Harper Government dissolved parliament but not before passing Bill C-377, the most regressive piece of union legislation ever enacted in Canada. This bill threatens to destroy collective bargaining rights for all unions across Canada and is a frontal attack on hard working middle class families.

On September 29th, in a bold hypocritical move, Stephen Harper toured a predominantly union work site, taking a page out of the Tim Hudak play book, talking from both sides of his mouth.

LiUNA International Vice President and Regional Manager of Central and Eastern Canada, Joseph Mancinelli said, "When Stephen Harper campaigns at a LiUNA worksite in Vaughan, he will not be welcomed by the hardworking LiUNA men and women who dedicated their skills to building those homes. For over 100 years LiUNA, the Labourers' International Union of North America, has been fighting to protect the rights of workers and their families.

Today Canadian unions are under attack by the Harper Conservative Government so despite being invited to stand alongside Harper, our workers are saying no. We stand in solidarity with our brothers and sisters with determination and laser focus to ensure that Stephen Harper and his Conservative party regret the day they declared war on unions and collective bargaining." said Mr. Joe Mancinelli.

This election is a pivotal moment for hard working men and women across Canada. We ask all Canadians to reject the smoke and mirror photo opportunities and to not be fooled by Stephen Harper. LiUNA remains committed to protecting worker's rights, building communities and better futures for members and their families.

September 30, 2015

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