Letter to the Edtor – Jewish Labor Committee Responds to Remarks by President Obama Concerning The Israeli – Palestinian Conflict

Letter to the Edtor – Jewish Labor Committee Responds to Remarks by President Obama Concerning The Israeli – Palestinian Conflict

May 31, 2011

The Jewish Labor Committee today praised President Barack Obama for publicly reasserting the unshakable commitment of the United States to Israel’s security. During his presentation to the American Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), the President also assured that the U.S. will stand against attempts to single out Israel for criticism in international forums.

The JLC also welcomes the President’s assertion of the enduring friendship between the two countries based on shared history and shared values and supports the President’s call for renewed negotiations to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

“We agree with the President’s insistence, expressed so clearly, that the status quo is unsustainable,” said Jewish Labor Committee President Stuart Appelbaum.

“The President correctly called for negotiations between both parties and not unilateral measures, such as a United Nations vote on Palestinian statehood, as the only way to effectively resolve the conflict.”

“President Obama is correct,” noted Appelbaum. “A resolution cannot be imposed from the outside, and any lasting solution must take into consideration the territorial and security needs of both the Israeli and the Palestinian people. The President’s reference to the pre-1967 borders as a basis for territorial compromise reiterates what has been a standard part of the U.S. position for more than two decades. The borders would undoubtedly need to be adjusted through negotiations and land swaps. The President also reiterated the long standing US position that negotiations must be based on the recognition of the right of Israel to exist as a Jewish State. He correctly stated that if Hamas wants to be a party to the negotiations, then they must recognize Israel, reject violence and adhere to all existing agreements.”

“This is indeed the time for hard choices,” concluded Appelbaum. “The Administration should do whatever it can to bring both the Israeli government and the Palestinian Authority back to the negotiating table. And we support actions on the ground that strengthen the ability of Israelis and Palestinians to realize that peace and cooperation are not only necessary, but possible.”

May 30, 2011

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