Letter to the Editor – Working People Deserve Justice Too!

Letter to the Editor – Working People Deserve Justice Too!

May 31, 2011

Dear Friends

In today’s fast paced world, most of us are occupied with working vast hours so we can pay our bills. Because of our responsibility to our families and careers, it is rare to find any time for necessary breaks.

It is not only tedious, but especially time consuming for one to begin attempting to receive compensation for your job related injuries. This is where you find that you need not worry anymore. Administrative Services for Federal Workers are here to assist you with every step of your Federal Workers Compensation claim. The combined expertise of or organization for the last 10 years will make it as easy as possible to receive the help and benefits you deserve if you are injured at work as TSA employee. Many times employers do not want you to know how to navigate through the complexities of the FEECA system so that they can control the benefits you receive and when you will receive them. This can not be more opposite of what the law requires from your employer. The fact is your employer is bound by the law of FECA- (The Federal Employees Compensation Act) and must file your papers and you as an employee are by law entitled to receive necessary treatment and re habilitation from Doctors of your choosing not the TSA or any Federal employer. We have seen many cases where employees allow their employer to hold or delay their paperwork therefore causing delays in monetary and medical benefits to you and your family; this will not pay the bills which you will begin to pile up. From day one of your Injury you should at least seek professional advice from people who are at work to protect your rights not your employer’s rights. A mistake at the beginning of a workers compensation case can cost you your benefits, treatments, settlements and even your career if you are no longer able to work and must file for a disability pension. Call us for a free consultation before you let a job related injury filing go on too long and risk your right to benefits and more. We are here to level the playing field for you the person who works for the TSA. Call us if you have been hurt at work.


Bob Marchetta Advocate 646-643-0834 E mail workrights@msn.com Administrative Services for Federal TSA Employees http://www.workplaceempowerment.net , Education & Training for Americas workforce

May 29, 2011

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