Letter to the Editor – Stop Cuts to Children’s Services

Letter to the Editor – Stop Cuts to Children’s Services

July 11, 2011
By Betty Holcomb, Director of Policy Center for Children’s Initiatives

Funding for children's services everything from child nutrition and health care to Head Start and child care is at risk in Federal budget negotiations in Washington, DC taking place now.

 The negotiations are likely to focus on strategies to cut $4 trillion most of it from social programs, especially health and education. There are even members of Congress who propose to reduce federal funding to 2003 levels.

We can't let this happen! Federal investments are critical to early childhood services across the city-helping families and children make it through these incredibly challenging times

Please join the call in campaign, to urge the White House to protect children and families in the federal budget. Call 1-888-828-4170 and urge the President Obama to protect investments in young children and to support fair increases in revenues.

We are also organizing visits, preparing letters and considering other strategic action we all can take in the coming weeks as these negotiations heat up.

July 10, 2011

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