Letter to the Editor – No Cuts to Homeless Veterans

Letter to the Editor – No Cuts to Homeless Veterans

April 5, 2011
By Jason Katz

There should not be any cuts. The City is also responsible for Homeless Veterans Programs and most likely receives Federal funds for such. If he has to make cuts he should freeze Salaries for five years which is what the VA has done and/or reduce salaries by 15% to bring the economy in line with the real world.

They should make sure anyone who is in the country illegally should be remove from the program. The productivity of the agency is disgraceful and for more than 30 years has left hundreds of homeless veterans on the streets many of whom have died, they have also ignored the plight of women veterans and their children. Agency officials should also take a 20% cut in pay.
The unions and the city government has lost the confidence of the people of the City Of New York. The city and the unions have also discriminated against the hiring of veterans and that must stop now.

April 3, 2011

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