Letter to the Editor – Chancellor Black

Letter to the Editor – Chancellor Black

By Regina Castro and Gail Gadsden
January 18, 2011

Just  two  weeks after taking her post as the new NYC Schools Chancellor has already put her foot in her mouth. Instead of taking a strong stand against more state funding cuts (last year the schools lost 1.4 billion in state funding) Chancellor Black suggested that what we need in order to reduce overcrowding was birth control!  She thought she was joking, but we didn't think it was funny.

The situation in our schools is nothing to laugh about. Last year's budget cuts were the biggest our schools have seen in the history of New York State and this year there is a 9 billion dollar shortfall in the state's budget. Our kids can't afford further cuts to their education.  That's why NYCC members are demand the Chancellor show us she's serious. Serious about fight the budget cuts and serious about fixing the problems in our schools.

Regina Castro, Parent, District 17 Brooklyn and Gail Gadsden, Parent, I.S. 98 Bronx, New York Communities for Change

January 19, 2011

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