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Legislation Needed to Address Immigration Reform and Grow Jobs

December 16, 2013
By Terry O’Sullivan, LIUNA President

Washington, DC – “While providing some relief from the sequester cuts, the budget agreement passed by the House still dumps too much of the burden on federal employees and unfortunately, fails to extend unemployment insurance for the millions of American workers who are still looking for a job. The budget agreement also fails to include the kind of investment we need in our country and our people.

In addition to seriously addressing these critical issues, LIUNA hopes that the sound rejection of the economic brinksmanship we witnessed just weeks ago will encourage members of both parties to pass more legislation that can help grow jobs with better wages and protect the retirement of millions of Americans who have worked their whole lives. 

We also believe that the time is now for the majority in Congress to take up immigration reform, and hope that as soon as they return from their break, they will show leadership as they have during the budget negotiations, and get it done.”

December 15, 2013

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